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"I have worked with Mr. Ammer for several years on committees developing technical standards for wheelchairs. He has consistently brought the results of quality testing to the table and provided expertise in wheelchair evaluation and design. His testing has provided clinicians, wheelchair users, and manufacturers with an evaluation of the durability and value of current wheelchair technology, and has provided objective criteria for federal and private agencies that regulate or purchase wheelchairs."

"I have worked with Bill for the past four years ever since his arrival at the lab. From my first impression I saw that he brought a highly developed wisdom and an expertise in areas specifically regarding the advancement of this laboratory, and the ability and willingness to dispense this information to others. In my opinion this eagerness is the core that should encompass any learning environment."
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"I am especially thankful to have had the pleasure of working with Bill Ammer. I spoke to him before sending our chair up to be tested. A supplier did not produce our product which put our project behind by a month and a half. We were really in a tight spot. I explained the situation to Bill and he assured me that if I kept him well informed on the progress of our prototype, he would do all he could to leave a space open for the chair to be tested. His word was good."

"Rest me to say, that during the times that I have been working with Bill, he has been responsible for completing projects in a timely manner. I also like to mention that part of what I like about working with Bill is the clear communication that we have during the course of projects. Meetings with Bill have been concise and to the point and his contributions have been key to successful completion of my projects."


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